Lightest Lamps

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Lightest Lamps Mod


The Lightest Lamps Mod

 Lightest Lamps adds a lot of lamps that have bigger light range and special ones.


Want fabric version? Here: Fabric Version


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Clear Lamp: 15 Light Range.

Alpha Lamp: 16 Light Range.

Beta & Gamma Lamp: 17 Light Range.

Delta Lamp: 18 Light Range.

Epsilon Lamp: 19 Light Range.

Zeta Lamp: 24 Light Range.

Eta Lamp: 26 Light Range.

Omega Lamp: 30 Light Range.

Deep Sea Lantern / Sea LanternClear Sea Lantern: 16 Light Range, Works under water. Sea Lantern: 17 Light Range, Works under water.

Ocean Lantern: 19 Light Range, Works under water. Deep Ocean Lantern: 20 Light Range, Works under water.

Ocean Lantern Abyssal Lantern: 24 Light Range, Works under water.

Alchemical Lamp: Pushes mobs and arrows away



Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Radon Glowstone.


Other blocks:

Vantablack: Very Black Block.

Glowing glassGlowing Glass.

Lampfruit: Decoration Block, Can be placed under water.




Spotlight / Mod overview



Mod Extra Compablity:


- Cas Centrifuge Category

ChemLib after version 3.2.0 (1.15.x).

- Piles and dust are replaced by chemlib alternatives

Mekanism after version 3.3.0 (1.16.x).

- Refined Glowstone can be used in Gas Centrifuge.

Mystical Agriculture after version 3.4.0 (1.15.x).

- Glowing dust crop, essence, seed


Modpack usage:

Yes, you can use this mod in your Modpack.


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