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Light Overhaul - Colored lights in Minecraft!

Continuation of the original as a bug fix version.




This is a continuation of the great mod CptSpaceToaster made, Colored Lights Core. Mostly intended as a bug fix version, to fix some of the most glaring rendering issues. But maybe I'll add another feature or two. Though don't expect a port to anything else but 1.7.10, so don't ask for 1.12.2 versions or the like!




This mod allows you to have colored light in Minecraft!

Intended to be compatible with vanilla lightning, this mod adds colored glowstone and lamps to your arsenal, allowing you to color your base like never before. Of course the light mixes with other light sources, so you can mix blue and red light to get purple... And all shades in between.


In contrast to the other colored lights mod I know about, Albedo, this mod is only for 1.7.10, but allows you to have truly colored lights - no bleeding of lights through walls! Just the normal vanilla behavior. Plus one or two rendering glitches here or there. This is an alpha, after all.



  • Colored glowstone
  • Light gets colored when it passes through stained glass (even sunlight!)
  • Super bright glowstone with 32 blocks range instead of the normal 16 (currently creative only)
  • Smooth mixing of colored light



A picture says more than a thousand works, especially with a cosmetically mod like this:


(mixing of lights)


(night with hardcore darkness mod installed)



Please report issues to


Known Problems

Performance might suffer

Blocks from other mods might not render properly

Mod is alpha, backups advised! It should be fine, but could also crash your world.



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