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LibarianLib offers a large collection of powerful features for modders.


  • Facade, a powerful and extremely flexible GUI framework.
  • Glitter, high-performance particle systems that can handle tens of thousands of particles.
  • Albedo, non-opinionated shader infrastructure. Easily use custom vertex layouts with type-safe but familiar APIs.
  • Scribe, automatic annotation-based serialization with full support for generics (e.g. Map<Identifier, List<Pair<String, Block>>>).
  • Courier, an easy-to-use networking helper using Scribe.
  • Mosaic, data-driven sprite sheets, designed to keep magic constants out of your GUI code.


Note: LibrarianLib for 1.12 uses the Forge mod loader and requires Shadowfacts' Forgelin. The LibrarianLib alpha for 1.17 uses the Fabric mod loader and requires Fabric Language Kotlin.