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Ever dreamed of the perfect dinner in Minecraft?

Candlelight Dinner provides almost everything necessary to make it happen.


Key Features: 

  • New food items including big meals and more. You can cook them in a frying pan or cooking pot.
  • A new food system: Big meals cost lots of resources, so you can now eat some of the new food items in different stages. But if you prefer to place and eat, you can do that as well. There are also placeable plates that give additional bonuses to hunger and saturation when eaten from.
  • Cooking with Potions: Got Potions with some awesome effects? Use it to cook meals and bring those effects to your food.
  • Typewriter and envelopes
  • A new armor (just for looks - you won't get any benefits from wearing it)
  • Small vegetation updates: You can now find rose, tomatoes and broccoli


How do certain things work? 



The frying Pan, cooking Pan and Oven do have a built-in recipe Book where you can find all related recipes. Most Meals will need Potions to cook. After cooking a Meal which needed a Potion as a Crafting Ingredient you’ll get the Potion-Effect on your Meal. 

e.g. you’re cooking Pork Ribs with a Potion that gives you Instant Health -> You’ll get Pork Ribs with Instant Health


Table Sets

They are expandable by Glasses and Napkin - you can put Food on it by Right-Clicking on the Plate while holding Food. Eating from a Plate will give you additional Hunger and Saturation. 



Typewriter and Envelopes 

Well - you should invite all your Friends to your Dinner! Either you write all your invitations by hand using notepaper, or you can craft a typewriter, fill it up with notepaper, and write them in style.

After you got your written Notepapers ready you can get some Envelopes, just right-click on the envelope and put it together with your Written Notepaper. Mix it together with pink Dye if you want to give it to someone special. 



A new and fancy Cook Armor that does… nothing. But you’re gonna look great wearing it! Theres also a golden Ring which will give you a special Effect… Or you can use it as an engagement Ring maybe? Ye - if you’re having one but wont use it you can store it in a Rolex-Like Jewelry Box. 


World Generation 

Roses and new Crops will spawn. Roses are quite similar to Poppys but they hurt when touching them.

Various new Crops can be found:
Tomatoes: Can be found in warm biomes 

Broccoli: Can be found in temperate biomes



Enjoy your new Meals and have fun!


1.19.2 and above requires Architectury 

Architectury Download 


Requires the Let's Do API: 
API Download


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Dedicated to MissLilitu