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Turn your bakery dreams into reality with Bakery

Satisfy your sweet cravings, craft delicious treats, and create a delightful bakery.


Key Features: 

  • New food items! Bread, Cupcakes, Cakes, Tarts - Everything to satisfy your sweet cravings.
  • New crafting stations: Glazing, Baking, Caking.
  • New Effects: Saturated food will provide increased satiation and prevent hunger loss. Sweets will grant a short but powerful effect that boosts your speed and strength - stackable up to 10 times. Enjoy in moderation!
  • New decorative blocks - Cakestands, Breadbaskets, outdoor furniture, and of course: most bread can be both: eaten and placed.
  • Support for other Food Mods such as Farmers Delight, Candlelight and more 




Have fun baking!





1.19.2 and above requires Architectury 

Architectury Download 


Requires the Let's Do API: 
API Download


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Dedicated to MissLilitu