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Cataclysm is a mod that adds difficult dungeons, challenging boss-fights and powerful items.

This mod's bosses are inspired by Minecraft Dungeons,

being much more unique, complex and powerful compared to Vanilla's.

Defeat them in battle to prove yourself and earn powerful gear!


Tutorial(German) :

Thx VegaCraft

Boss Descriptions:

Ender Golem

Health :150

Armor :12

Damage :

10 ~ 14(Melee attack),

10 ~ 16(Earthquake attack),

10 ~ 14(Void rune attack)

7(Void rune)

The Ender Golem is very similar to Minecraft Dungeons' Redstone Golem.

Its body is made of obsidian and it moves with the force of the Void.

Ender Guardian

Health :300

Armor :20

Damage :

16(Melee attack,burst attack),

16 + 5% hpdamage(Gravity pull attack),

22.4 + 10% hpdamage(Uppercut),


7(Void rune)

The Ender Guardian, being the final boss of the Ruined Citadel,

is much more powerful than its Ender Golem cousin,

boasting higher stats and more attack patterns.

Its powerful attacks harness the Void's energy to attract and move nearby entities.

This boss also has certain weaknesses: when it reaches half health, its helmet breaks, also halving its defense.

Who knows what kind of vile and horrible creature lies behind its helmet...

Netherite Monstrosity




21 + Entity's 8% hpdamage

The Netherite Monstrosity is located in the Nether.

It uses devastating close-range attacks, occasionally shooting lava when its target is too far away.

Although, this ranged attack has its limitations, as it can only be used a total of three times before the Monstrosity has to recharge it by sucking in more lava.

Sucking in lava also heals the Monstrosity, so make sure to never give it the chance to recharge!

Once it reaches 33% health, it becomes enraged, attacking more often and catching fire.

Ignited Revenant




6(Melee Attack)

4(Ashen Breath,Bone Storm)

Two revenants appear in the burning arena

It blocks attack with shields

But you can either pierce the shield or break it with a critical axe attack

It shoots out its Ashen breath every certain time

It also throws bones while flying

Dedicate the ashes it drops to the altar





14 + Entity's Max Health(5%) Swing Attacks

 14 * 0.4 + Entity's Max Health(3%) Small Swing Attacks

14 * 1.5 + Entity's Max Health(15%) Shield Smash

And Many Attacks

He attacks you in proportion to your health.

Also, there is a brand when you hit his sword attack

It melts your armor so lowers your Armor defenses

They use a lot of attacks
Prepare To Burn

The Harbinger




3(WitherHomingMissile,Wither Smoke)
9~14 + Entity's 6% hpdamage(Charge)
5 + Entity's 5% hpdamage(Death Laser)

The Harbinger is located in the Overworld Cave

They are turned off.

Give them nether star and they'll wake up. 

There are two attack mode
Laser Mode and Missile Mode

When it's in laser mode, it will fire the laser quickly and burn you down

Missile mode is similar to Wither.

Use one of the skills approximately every 10 seconds.

Every fourth time, they fire death laser.

Death Laser very dangerous.

But if it reaches the emp, it can charge the emp.

EMP can be charged when it is not receiving Redstone power

When using an EMP, give a small amount of damage and stun the harbinger (except when shooting a death laser).

If they're half health, they're immune to arrows And theirs skills will be Advanced.

 Mod Trailer


future update.

1.Visual update.

For example, particles, motion, and light rendering will be improved.

2.Add item skills and more crafting recipe

Gauntlet will be able to use Rocket Punch.

void core will be used to combine special items.

3.balance patch

If there are many opinions that the weapon or boss is too strong or too weak,

i'll adjust it with a balance patch.

4.Improvement of structure 

Structures are currently slightly unstable in production and can sometimes feel unnatural.
For example, Soul Black Smith can sometimes be created by overlapping with the basalt deltas.
I'll try to find a way to improve it and fix it.

5.Version update.

In the 1.16.5 version, I'm going to fix the bug only.
1.17 will be skipped and move on to 1.18.
1.16.5... I want to keep supporting you,
Please understand that it is updated from 1.16.5 to 1.17,

and it is difficult to apply because there are many codes changed.

I'm sorry.

But even after updating the content to 1.18, if there are still a lot of 1.16.5 players, I'll try backporting

Originally, it was intended to be raised directly to 1.18.1.
But it was put on hold for a while because of the construction and the bug of Boss Monster ai.
It will be delayed a lot because we can't guess whether this bug is a citadel error or a minecraft error.

6.W.I.P item

They have become work in progress as their old concept for this mode has changed from their current concept.
They currently have a lot of bugs, are out of balance, and their concepts are out of balance.
They can be added, deleted, or reworked.
Please let me know your opinions.

7.Add Monsters

Of course, bosses and monsters will be added in the future.
Among them, the boss who is definitely planning is a warrior with a hovering inferno concept.
As a monster, Enderman infected with empty seats will be added to the ruined citadel.
Currently, w.i.p monsters have not yet devised a suitable dungeon, so they have become w.i.p.
They will be officially added someday.
Other than that, I would like to add an illager boss.


I am using a translator because I am not good at English because I am a Korean modder.
Please understand.

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