Left Hanging

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Left Hanging



Left Hanging is a decorative mod themed around Halloween



This mod has its full intensions to be used for decorative purposes.  

This mod is themed around HALLOWEEN & HALLOWEEN DECOR.

This mod does not engage politically.


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Added to the game are :

  • A Noose Block
  • A Noose Item
  • A Noose Mechanic


Nooses can be crafted with leads:



  • Undead Entities will NOT be damage and can be used as decoration.
  • Entities that are not undead will take Damage
  • Nooses are traps at their core, and Entities have to walk in to them for them to be caught


Check out the config to change the damage values and wether or not entities receive damage or not.

Entities that are affected by the noose are stored in a json file in data/noose_entities.


Datapacks can be created to add onto the list and allow for modded entities to be strung up too.



For Issue and error reporting, please use the issues tab up top.
You can always try and contact me trough Discord for suggestions or help with issues


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