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News (Updated: 2023-08-29)

1.19.2 version is in active development. I am still trying to target 1.19.2 as long as 1.20 is not really stable and is awaiting major changes when it comes to mod loaders like NeoForge. Please be patient and stop DMing me. I know you'd like to play with the mod which I really appreciate but my time is limited.

News (Updated: 2024-04-24)

I know, I know, it's been a while. I am still working on the update. The current state is that only NeoForge will be targetted which means that the mod will not come to 1.19. Sorry about that but with all the technical changes introduced by NeoForge and the Mojang changes in general, it's easier to only target the newest versions. Since a lot was changed in AE2 itself as well, the progression and feature set will also get an overhaul. It won't be a straight port.

✨ New in 1.18

The ME Requester! A device that automatically requests new crafts if an item amount falls below a certain value.

📑 Overview

This is a mod for Minecraft-Forge and a rewrite of the LazyAE2 mod for modern versions.

It adds some useful machines that will make your late-game Applied Energistics 2 experience less grindy.

📖 Wiki

If you want to know more about the machine interfaces, their functionality and how to alter recipes, you can read more on the wiki.

💚 Credits

Credits for the original mod go to phantamanta44. Although this is a complete rewrite, credits for the idea should be given!

The mod idea is taken with permission.

⏰ Changelog

Everything related to versions and their release notes can be found in the changelog.

🎓 License

This project is licensed under the LGPL-3.0 license.

🏷️ Links