This mod adds some workbenches which can do more than 3x3 crafting.

# This is sample textures.

Added Blocks:


This block has more than 3x3 crafting grid and can do own crafting.


This block does these crafting automatically.



  • You can register recipes from NEI to AutoWorkbench but if you do it, you must have all items of that recipe's material.
  • You can't set items to one particular slot of AutoWorkbench Tier5 by left click because the slot is covered with NEI's button for displaying recipes. If you want to set items to the slot, you must use right click.


  • You can feel free to use in any modpack, but you must change lang and textures.

You should use Resource Loader when you change lang and textures for your modpack.

 How to add and remove recipes on MineTweaker