Land Craft

564,489 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 18, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Enter the realm of the Landia dimension, a land of perpetual storms!

Fight 3 new mobs, including the Orwellian Big Brother

Cook Vietnamese (and Polish) food from Landia

5 new tool materials

NOTE: and later fix a performance issue with Landmaster's Wings; it is highly recommended that one updates to at least this version.


Rquires LandCore and (until CompatLayer.


For Tinkers Compatibility: See PlusTiC, also created by Landmaster

HOW TO GET TO LANDIA (instructions also on this page):

Grab a Landia Portal Marker and place it a few blocks above ground:


Kill an undead mob in the vicinity (with your favorite weapon), and the portal marker will cast a beam to the ground:


Walk into the beam (under the portal marker) to enter Landia!


  • Wizard - This neutral mob has a high HP (34 half-hearts, in fact), and attacks with blue, exploding fireballs that bypass armor. It attacks if it is provoked.
  • Big BrotherThis ferocious boss mob of orwellian proportions must be summoned by placing a Landia Tower in the Landia dimension and following the instructions opened when it is right-clicked. Big Brother attacks not directly, but rather with its henchmen. When it dies, it drops many valuable items, and it even has a chance to drop a Nether Star and/or some Landmaster's Wings, enabling flight when powered and worn as a chestplate even in survival.
  • Zombie Crabman - Immune to fire/projectiles/magic/explosions, it has 45 half-hearts of health. Drops Landia Crab Flesh, Tomato Vines, and/or Rotten Flesh, with a rare chance of diamonds!


  • 5 new tool materials (progression: Friscion < Garfax < Morganine < Racheline < Kelline)
  • Weather Wand, which toggles the weather in Landia (dropped by Big Brother)
  • Landmaster's Wings, which enable flight when powered and worn as a chestplate even in survival.
  • Landia Dimension, which currently has two biomes: the blue-foliage Dunans biome, and the Mediterranean Tunis biome.
  • Landia Altar for custom high-tier crafting
    • Multiblock structure constructed as pyramid
      • Landia Altar Core at top
      • Rest of pyramid from Landia Altar Material and Landia Altar Pedestal
      • Ex. (A = Altar Core, M = Altar Material, P = Altar Pedestal)
        • Top layer: A
        • Layer 1 below:
          • MPM
          • MMM
          • MMP
        • Subsequent layers expand square by 2; pedestals may be at any location
      • Place required items on pedestals in Landia; core must have open sky view
      • Trigger on death of entity
      • Currently no recipes, but they can be added by Minetweaker
  • Minetweaker support (see wiki)
  • Breeder (Reactor) - Feed it with thorium and a feedstock material (see JEI) to create even more thorium. Keep in mind though, the reactor is most efficient at a temperature of around 20000, and if the temperature goes above 50000, the machine explodes.
  • Player Mime - In a 9x9x9 area, all mob deaths are treated as player kills, at a cost of energy.
  • Thorium Generator - Generates RF with thorium and water (1000 RF/tick; 400 ticks per thorium ingot; 10 mB/tick of water).
  • Pot - cook certain types of food, such as Pho
  • Landia Portal Marker - Kill an undead mob in the vicinity to activate a portal that will lead to the Landia dimension.
  • Onion, Rice, Cinnamon Tree, Olive Tree
  • Tomato Vines - Grows on farmland like sugarcane, drops tomatoes when ready. Obtained from the Zombie Crabman
  • Pho - a powerful food that gives various buffs
  • Bun Rieu - gives various buffs, different from Pho
  • Pierogi (formerly “Potato Onion Pastry”)

This mod also supports OpenComputers and JEI.


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