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 This mod adds in an underground civilization of kobolds which can be traded with and they defend their dens from the common threats of the Overworld!




  • Friendly Kobolds that can be traded with!
  • Kobolds are breedable with a DIAMOND, AMETHYST, or APPLE depending on config option (requires a nearby Warrior!)
  • Give a base Kobold an Kobold Iron Axe to upgrade them to a Kobold Warrior!
  • Kobold Warriors that defends their homes from zombies, skeletons, and 'big nose people', but do not trade.
  • Peaceful Kobold Enchanters that offers an alternate method of obtaining Mending, as well as new potions, and a new enchantment!
  • Pirate Kobolds in the Jungle biomes with a Captain who will pay you in emeralds for desirable items like gold tools.
  • Kobold Den structures that spawns underground in small, large, mountain, and pirate variations.
  • Zombolds that can spawn in Swamp Biomes! (They also can be cured and kobolds can be zombified!)
  • Drowned Zombolds that offers another method of obtaining tridents.
  • Skelebolds from within a Kobold Resting place in the desert.



-Giodude1580: Original Texture Artist for the kobolds, edited by me due to some personal preferences I had in mind for my kobolds.
-Burack: Newer Texture Artist who has help with textures in recent updates.
-Lorian Ross: Music Disc - Kobblestone.

~Special Thanks~

I want to give a special thanks to my friends and buddies for giving me morale support, helping with testing the mod, and playing around with the kobolds with me. Making sure everything is running on client and servers alike. As well as for the suggestions from them.

I also want to give a special thanks for fellow modders who has helped me figure out a few things here and there. I wouldn't have been able to fix a few bugs during development if it wasn't for a few of them, and even figure out how to do certain things if it wasn't for the shared source code that showed and taught me on how to use certain things, like the HandHeldLayer. Seriously, I have learned a lot about how mobs work in Minecraft thanks to studying for this mod project of mine, and learning much. (Side note, doing animations for these kobolds has been the most fun part of the entire experience in my opinion, as when they succeed, it felt good but when they fail it was hilarious. Much "Spin Me Right Round" being intensified).






Yes, I like using MCreator as it has some interesting methods and tools to make life easier but no, I am not completely relying on it. A huge amount of this mod has been made with code or upgraded with a lot of additional code from me, only really using MCreator as a baseline and modding tool. A LOT of what my kobolds can do wouldn't been possible if I specifically only used MCreator's own systems and done no coding at all, due to how limiting MCreator is by itself but using a combination of both coding and MC's features made this mod.. It's simply my preference as a modder.


  • I will not be doing backports to previous versions of Minecraft.
  • I will not be doing a Fabric version for the time being.


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