This mod adds in an underground civilization of kobolds which can be traded with and they defend their dens from the common threats of the Overworld!




  • Friendly Kobolds that can be traded with!~
  • Kobolds are breedable with Amethyst Shards!~
  • Give a base Kobold any axes to upgrade them to a Kobold Warrior!~
  • Kobold Warriors that defends their homes from zombies, skeletons, and illagers, but do not trade.
  • Peaceful Kobold Enchanters that offers an alternate method of obtaining Mending, as well as new potions, and a new enchantment!~
  • Pirate Kobolds in the Jungle biomes with a Captain who will pay you in emeralds for desirable items like gold tools.
  • Kobold Den structures that spawns underground in small, large, mountain, and pirate variations.
  • Zombolds from when Kobolds die to any Zombie & be cured just like Zombie Villagers!
  • Skelebolds from within a Kobold Resting place in the desert.



-Giodude1580: Original Texture Artist for the Kobolds, edited by me due to some personal preferences I had in mind for my Kobolds.
-Burack: Newer Texture Artist who has help with textures in recent updates.
-Lorian Ross: Music Disc - Kobblestone.






  • I will not be doing backports to previous versions of Minecraft.
  • I will not be doing a Fabric version for the time being.