Klsts's Adventure Mod

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This mod adds some materials, gears, weapons and a dimension: Tandra.

Most materials and upgrades are found in Tandra, a mysterious dark dimension with new foes, lore and (upcoming) bosses.

The mod is made in Mcreator, and will be mainly updated at Mcreator's mod page   https://mcreator.net/modification/71363/klstss-adventure-mod

 Tandra, the new dimension.



the new ores

The new ores.



New tools, and way more!


New materials!


The current materials are: - Steel, an upgrade to iron.

                                          - Silver, has some effect under moonlight and affect undead mobs

                                          - Pyrite, tools have autosmelting and armor gives fire resistance per armor piece

                                          - Tenebra, an upgrade to Steel

                                          - Wave, has magic properties

                                          - Goorium: is durable and has slimy/bouncy effects

                                          - Titanium: Has lower density that allows fast movement.

                                          - Copper: Better than iron but oxidices over time...

                                          - Electrum: Shocks full-Hp oponents!


The new weapons are: - Maces, deal extra damage based on armor points

                                      - Daggers, are fast and have combo-based bonus

                                      -Whips, have extra reach and damage multiple entities

                                      - Lances, deal extra damage when riding and vs riders

                                      - Sais, can block little amounts of damage when dual wielding 2 sais.

                                      - Greatswords. Deal hight damage and can strike further than swords, but they are two-handed. 

                                      - Knives. Have the same quirks as Daggers, but some extra bonuses.



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If you found any glitches or want to ask something, let me know! I love to hear feedback.

Thanks for checking my mod, and sorry if I type something wrong, I'm Spanish :3





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