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Permissions-based player kits for Fabric Servers.


Kits is a Minecraft mod for Fabric servers that adds configurable, permissions-based player kits. This allows server owners to easily set up batches of items that their players can claim, depending on their rank. Additionally, kits can have a predefined cooldown, so that players do not get to use them infinitely.

Compatible with LuckPerms


Adding Kits

Command: /kit add [kit_name] [cooldown_milliseconds]

Requires Permission: kits.manage

To add a kit, simply place the items you would like to be included in this kit anywhere in your inventory and run the command /kit add.

Claiming Kits

Command: /kit claim [kit_name]

Requires Permission: kits.claim.[kit_name]

For players, claiming kits is simple. They simply type /kit claim [kit_name]. If they have permissions to use the specified kit, and that kit is not on cooldown for them, they receive the kit in their inventory (or on the ground if their inventory is full.)

Brigadier suggestions are enabled, and will only suggest kits the player has permissions for.

Removing Kits

Command: /kit remove [kit_name]

Requires Permission: kits.manage

To remove a kit, simply type /kit remove [kit_name]. This irreversibly and completely deletes the specified kit from the server, for all users.


Kits stores most of its data in nbt files, using Minecraft's NBT format. You can modify and create such files with a tool like NBTExplorer.

Kit Config Files

If, for whatever reason, you wish to configure kits manually, instead of using the built-in commands, you can do so by modifying the kit files directly.

Kit files are stored in the directory config/kits in Minecraft's NBT format.

This allows you to modify kit contents or cooldowns after creation, or even add entirely new kits.

Player Kit Usage Files

Whenever a player successfully claims a kit, the time at which this kit was claimed is recorded in a user-specific file named [player_uuid].nbt in the directory world/kits_user_data.

If you wish to reset or modify when a user can next use a kit that they have already claimed, you can edit the time specified in this file (stored as milliseconds since Epoch). To reset all kit cooldowns for a given user, simply delete the nbt file that corresponds to them.


Thank you for considering contributing to Kits! You can do so on the project's GitHub page.


Kits is open-sourced software licenced under the MIT license.


Questions? Contact me in my Discord server.