An early-to-mid-game tech mod, perfect for use in that period of time where you want to do stuff but don't quite have the resources for the OP machines!

Features range from the basic, such as iron and gold buttons with different delays than their vanilla counterparts, to the highly advanced, such as player teleportation networks requiring ender pearls for fuel and wireless redstone networks, and everything in between, such as block breaker blocks and a feeder block that animals go to to breed by themselves.


Another thing we have tried to do is remove the GUIs from the tech mod. There are still GUIs here and there, but overall you will find yourself spending less time in the GUI and more time interacting with the world. Take the teleport sender for example - that doesn't even have a GUI! Also we are avoiding using energy, as we feel that's boring.

Originally made for ModFest 1.15.

Enjoy ;)