5,907 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 17, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This is based on Animal Girl and player can play with them.  Currently plan to code more AI and character training simulation. 
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[v0.2.5] Updated!


The new biome is called Komodo Island and you can find new friend Komodo Dragon.


[v0.2.4] Updated!

Debug again! If player want to quickly upgrade your Friends level that you should challenge the stronger monsters.


[v0.2.3] Updated!

Just an update for debug. I received reports that Friends can beat up a creative mode player and that is not a bug.



[v0.2.2] Updated!

Tungsten Furnaces can smelt more ore and show its recipes in JEI. That is real help for players.



 [v0.2.1] Updated!

This time, the player will have to be care that you may make Friends angry when you touch her body parts. If she like it..



[v0.2.0] Updated!

Added a Wheat variant that can make you avoid recipe conflict for Wheat Flour.



[v0.1.9] Updated!

The Player is only put in Japari Bun to Bun Basket and make your Friends no longer hungry!



[v0.1.8] Updated!

The tree will drop its fruit to help the player better to get apple or food crafting.



[v0.1.7] Updated!

New friend Toki is here! she can fly and give the player some help. also, Tungsten ore appear in the world it began to expand basic smelting and craft tools.



[v0.1.6] Updated!

This time, your Friends can teleport to your dimension make you inseparable from them! just take care of her.. the player also be careful about the Cellien (mob) variant "Big Cellien" will try to eat everyone.


[v0.1.5] Updated!

Friends AI is get powerful, but I think there may be problems.. for example they can visit your animal farm
This time, the crash issue has been fixed and players can playing with 1.12.2 server!


 [v0.1.4] Updated!

Start looking for your Otter, they're able to dive in water and have an idle action "playing with a stone".
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