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Injector Setup

Basic injector setup with Gems already spawning from the bottom.


Along with farming (when equipped with a hoe), Peridots can inspect regions to see what is most likely to spawn in a given area.

Lapis Lazuli

When on the ground, Lapises can farm and hydrate plants when equipped with a hoe, they can also be used as flying mounts.

Lapis Lazuli (flying)

Lapises can be used to fly long distances safely over mobs.


These red soldiers have fiery temperament.


Like the show, Pearls come in many colors. In KAGIC, they come in about 16 and can be configured to have 4 different hairstyles.


Like Pearls, Agates come in 16 different colors, and are good at making sure your Quartz and Rubies stand guard under their careful watch.


There are three offensive quartz, Jasper, Carnelian, and Amethyst, each with their own elemental power. Rose Quartz is a different kind of Quartz we'll get to next.

Rose Quartzes

Rose Quartz is a rare, healer type Gem. While a valiant combatant, she also has a couple tricks up her sleeve.

Rose Quartzes (defensive)

When around either cacti, melons, or pumpkins (including jack-o-lanterns), Rose Quartzes can turn them into soldiers that serve by her. Don't worry about losing your crop, when killed, they drop their respective block.


Fast mounts with the ability to run over water.

Sapphires (over water)

A demonstration of their frost walking abilities.

Yellow Diamond

When Yellow Diamond spawns, she summons her Pearl, and when she is hit, Jaspers can come fleeting to her aid. Be wary.

Blue Diamond (unhooded)

When unaware of her enemies, Blue Diamond reveals herself, removing her hood.

Blue Diamond (hooded)

Once she sees the enemy (like the screenshotter standing on a tree in front of her), Blue Diamond reveals herself. When hit, she summons Amethysts.