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K9 Mod

A small metallic canine from Doctor Who for your 1.20.2 Fabric Minecraft world inspired by the 4th Doctor's robotic sidekick, K9!

Mod that inspired this : AIT (Adventures in Time)

What does this mod add?


K9's Features:

  • All the features of a regular dog, except for the incessant begging.
  • K9 goes to items and picks them up.
  • K9 can be sat on hoppers and get items extracted from it's inventory.
  • K9 has an inventory, like a shulker box on wheels!
  • K9 has a dyeable collar, and an easter egg if you decide to fool around a little bit!

How do I tame and power my K9?

  • K9 can be tamed with a metal bone.
  • K9 is powered by 8 lithium cells that are drawn from to keep it's battery up; shift+right click with the wrench to open the battery menu.

  • K9 is fed and can be healed with redstone, or right clicked with a wrench to get to full health.

TLDR: This mod is for people who want a useful robot companion, whether that be for mining or to have a little bit of Doctor Who.

Note: K9's health and battery are separate.




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