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Just Hammers Header

Just Hammers

Add hammers to the game that are able to mine in a 3x3, 3x3x3, 5x5x3 and finally a 5x5x5! They're pretty awesome.


  • Mines blocks
  • Breaks blocks
  • Pushes blocks over
  • Move blocks! Get out my way
  • Has a stern talking to the blocks to make them stop blocking your way
  • Yeets blocks
  • Fires blocks into the void...

But for real...

  • Iron, Gold, Diamond, Netherite Hammers
  • Has tiers of all of the above that increase the area of affect. Starting at 3x3x1 all the way up to 5x5x5. Durability scales with the tiers
  • Hammers will not break! They will get to 1 durability and can be repaired in an anvil


If you find any issues with the mod, please report them on the projects Github issues page here.

Known issues that need to be addressed

  • Vein miner like mods can be used in conjunction with the hammers
  • The AOF can sometimes shift in a strange way due to the way we calculate block breaking and look vectors, this may need addressing


Textures provided by Rid! Amazing as always!


  • [x] Add tool tips to tell people what each hammer does
  • [ ] Add support for rendering larger block outline whilst holding hammer
  • [ ] Add breaking animation to blocks visible that are being broken
  • [ ] Possible upgrades to add things like smelting