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Ever Wanted More Golems?

Then this mod is for you!

Just Enough Golems aims to add new golems designed to help / annoy players and add more mechanics to the game!

Each Golem will have at least a new unique feature / skill, and based on it's power, the cost to create / mantain one will be higher!

Sponsor Time

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List of Releases:


Plant Release

The plant release adds a new little golem, the plant golem!

This Golem is able to pick seeds/potatoes/carrots or even some modded crops up in a range of 60 blocks, and will plant them in the first free farmland block!

To automate it all we came up with the:
Observer Update

This minor update adds a new type of Observer, the Mossy Observer!

This new observer acts like its original counterpart! But it only fires a signal when it sees

a crop at its max age in front of it. The usage for it would be automatic farms!

  • Precious Mossy Cobblestone:

  • Mossy Observer:

Finally, to make the golem, simply place a precious mossy cobblestone block and a carved pumpkin on top of it!

The magma release adds 2 new golems, the first one is the magmatic golem!

This new golem is a warrior and will help you fight monsters who annoy you!

To activate him right click it with a blaze rod!
You can also give him an axe, or a sword (they can be enchanted or modded)!
To make this little guy, simply place a magmatic obsidian block and a carved pumpkin on top of it!
(You can repair it using magmatic obsidian)
Here's an hostile natural generated golem.


  • Magmatic obsidian:

or you can make using a lava bucket on a crying obsidian block

(you can also use an empty bucket to get the lava back)

    • Magmatic charm:
    • Magmatic pendant:

    • Nether core:

  • Charging table:

This second golem is an upgraded warrior and will help you

fight the toughest monsters, like ravagers, by simply using the power of it's nether core!

To make the golem, use a pendant on a magmatic golem! Just.. be careful...

A nether core is used to power the golem, which will become weaker when the charge is too low.
(Inserting the core while shifting will make the golem act like an iron golem, everyone

can remove the core and everyone can tame it [like when it's off].

If you insert it without shifting the golem will be tamed!)

The core lasts about 3 real hours and you can charge it at a

charging station using lava as a fuel:

A particle spiral will appear when the core is fully charged!

(You can repair the golem using magmatic obsidian)


  • Is this coming to Fabric?

Maybe in future, i'm working hard on the forge version, and i want to get it as stable as i can before porting!

  • 1.15, 1.14, 1.13, 1.12, 1.7.10?

No, i'll only support modern versions. I'll eventually cut support for 1.17 as it's already outdated.

  • Can i suggest something?

Sure, join the discord and make a suggestion!

  • Does this work in 1.x.x?

Just click on files and check by yourself!


Special thanks to:

  • ShadowJack04#8266 (Modeller/Texturer)
  • Player9514#7365 (Sound Maker)
  • Translators (unweeked#3669,Gremory#8785)

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