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If you don't speak Chinese, I suppose this is not for you.

It is very simple. Now you can use pinyin (full pinyin or consonants or mixed) to search for everything in Chinese, the same as the original way.

After version 2.0.0, this mod fetches online data to provide better compatibility. The fetched data will have no effect untill next startup. Generally speaking, most of the time you need to start minecraft twice for the online data to take effect. It will also work without internet connection, it will use the internal list or latest synced list if there is.

After version 3.0.0, support is added for phonetics input, using Daqian keyboard. To use it, you need to change the keyboard to Daqian in config. In addition, it could be very helpful to switch on 'EnableForceQuote' in config file, which can solve conflict in JEI's separating logic and spell of phonetic method. It is still alpha, so don't be surprised if there are bugs. Feel free to find me in issue page.

The compatibility can break easilly if the mods change their code. So for any issue, or any mod support request, you are welcomed to put them on the issues page. It will be very helpful if you can use command "/jech profile" to generate a client report and attach it to the issue.

Have fun.


This mod contains a simplified redistribution of pinyin4j, a lib to convert characters to pinyin. Many thanks to the developing team. Since pinyin4j uses GPL license, so I have to use GPL as the lisence. Sorry for any inconvenience (any pull request of implimentation of pinyin library is welcomed).



这个 mod 修改了一些 mod 进行文本匹配的方式,现在你可以直接用拼音搜索(全拼或者声母或者混合输入)。与此同时,我会尽量保持原来 mod 的其它特性不受影响,包括英文搜索。

面向 MC 1.12 的版本可以自动获取兼容列表,每次启动时他都会同步在线列表,但是要到下一次启动时才会生效。也就是说,你需要启动 mc 两次来应用最新的兼容列表。不过兼容列表更新并不频繁,所以你并不需要刻意这样做。与此同时,在没有网络连接的情况下他会使用内置的列表,或者最后一次同步的列表。

已加入了注音输入法的支持(MC 1.12+),目前使用大千键盘。要使用这个功能,你需要在设置中将键盘切换到大千键盘。同时,在配置文件中打开 EnableForceQuote 对于解决 JEI 的分词算法和注音输入法的指法冲突很有帮助。因为我本人并不会用注音输入法,本功能仍处于测试阶段,有可能会出现各种发音不匹配或者搜索不到的问题。有任何问题欢迎来 issue 页找我。

已加入双拼输入法的支持(MC 1.14+),提供小鹤/自然码键盘。

如果遇到任何问题兼容需求的话,欢迎提交到 issue 页。


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感谢 yzl210 帮忙更新到 1.16.X。

3.0.0之前的版本使用 pinyin4j 作为拼音引擎,非常感谢他们所做的工作。

3.0.0之后的版本使用独立开发的引擎,并使用了 地球拼音 的拼音数据。