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Just Build It (or JBI for short) adds many unique looking Blocks to your game.

The Blocks are made so that they fit in with vanilla nicely, everything is balanced.


I just want to say this right away: NOT ALL IDEAS ARE MINE.

While trying to figure out what blocks to add, I looked at some popular videos to see

what the community would want. So Credit where Credit is due:


Most of the new Stones: Grian's Minecraft Ideas

these Stones include Limestone, Basalt, Sandstone, Marble.

I also tried to somewhat make similar textures like in Grian's Video, because I really enjoyed them.



Dyeable Concrete: Me and partially Openblocks

I took some inspiration from the Openblocks mod, which features a canvas that can be

painted in any color. I add a similar Block, Concrete, which can also be painted in any color.

But my mod also adds a variation of said Concrete, namely Concrete Tiles.

These Tiles can also be dyed in separate colors, a picture to explain better:


All this and more awaits you!


More Information:




This mod is only available for Java 8