Last Updated: Feb 11, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


Jan 3, 2015

Owner: lordcazsius

+Added placable tyrannosaurus skulls with 3 different variants
*improved loading up and rendering performance
*fixed z-fighting for every entity model
*improved the overall look of all models
*Removed the ability to combine storage discs of different species
*Fixed sounds of the different glass types
*Improved the JEI integration for the incubator
+Feeding dinosaurs will now indicate success by green particles
*Fixed an incompatibility with the Statues and EvilNotchLib mod
*Nerfed Coelacanth infant speed
*Fixed helicopter crashing worlds in the end
*Experimental fix for the growth serum
*Fixed an incompatiblity with the MorePlayerModels mod
*Fixed not properly compressed textures
*Fixed feeder trying to feed dinosaur when empty
*Fixed rare glitched items in the digsite's chest
*First step of attempting to fix the rarely despawning vehicles
+Added config option to control whether vehicles can destroy blocks or not
*Fixed dinosaur tail glitches when the game is paused
*Vehicle doors no longer open if you are in the spectator mode
*Upped the required LLibrary version to 1.7.15