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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


If you have any questions please contact our support team https://support.curseforge.com.

This mod is being made by a large Minecraft Modding Team. We have been working hard for quite some time now to present a new, big Dinosaur mod. We have special modelers, texture-artists, Animators, Mob Coders, AI-specialists and All-round coders! The goal of this mod is to add High Quality Dinosaurs that give an epic new Gameplay! 

So far, we have added quite some Dinosaurs and some have already gotten their final animtions. We have also made a custom Minecraft launcher that installs the correct Forge, and the latest JurassiCraft version. But, of course, you can also install in manual! 

Our very own wiki!:http://fossils-and-a...rk_Edition_Wiki

The pre-release of the Fossils and Archaeology Mod; Jurassic Park Edition!:
Daily Builds
Launcher download: http://ilex.uk.to/jurassiclauncher_jar
Public server~jurassicraft.ilexiconn.uk.to(down for now)
Server thread~ http://www.minecraft...__+jurassicraft

Prehistoric Creatures:


Tyrannosaurus Rex
















New Ores and Machine Blocks:

Fossil Ore- drops a fossil(iron rarity) and can be mined with an iron pick or higher

Amber Ore- drops amber(diamond rarity) and can be mined with an iron pick or higher

Analyzer- analyzes fossil to get you DNA, but you won't always get DNA you might get sand, stone, or bone instead

Cultivator- converts your DNA into an egg for you to hatch into a baby prehistoric creature

Egg(currently disabled)- is made from the DNA being converted


New Items:





Dino Meat

Dino Bone




And there's even more!

Update #2 : about 6 hours ago7/19/14

New Fossil Ores. Many new kinds of material in which it can generate :D

Added Natural spawning for Coelacanth, its now the only dinosaur that you can encounter without having to do anything. Its not hostile, but has a lot of health!

Fixed a lot of bugs. Full list on github

Update #1 : a day ago7/18/14

First mayor update for release! Contains the following:

1. Hostile Mobs deal damage now
2. Added the Oviraptor
3. Multiple textures pr dinosaur
4. Made a video showing of all the Dinosaurs
5. Fixed the sizes and attack strengths for all Dinosaurs
6. Fixed Dilophosaur Textures


Installation instructions:

Installation instructions:

Download Minecraft Forge 1.7.10 installer (preferrably latest version)

Run the installer and direct it to your .minecraft folder

Launch MC and edit or create new mc profile and select the forge version as your mc version run and then close MC

go to your .minecraft folder drag and drop your downloaded copy of the mod into the mods folder

close it

run MC and select your modded mc profile and hit play! enjoy!


Team so far:

Special thanks for the models and textures to:EXDragonith, Baku the Enderman, Thylaco, Curly_Wurly Jr, xDingo13, Trinity Gamer, Cyborx25, Raptorfarian,and Syxes


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