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JSON Entity Models

(JEMs) is a client-side Forge mod that aims to replace Optifine's Custom Entity Model resource pack format with a system that is far more flexible and offers infinitely more mod compatibility. We do this by utilising GeckoLib to replace Minecraft's Java models with JSON models. As JSON files are far more malleable than Java files, they can be edited in mostly any which way you want to allow for entirely customized mob models, textures and animations.

So what does base JEMs do exactly?

By default, JEMs comes packaged with a built-in resource pack that gives a handful of mobs JSON models, demonstrating the basic capabilities of the mod. These mobs all have custom animations that stay faithful to the look and feel of vanilla Minecraft whilst breathing a little more life into them. The default built-in pack can be disabled, too, if you'd prefer to keep things entirely vanilla, or only add your own resource packs with JEMs.

What can I do with JEMs?

What can you do? Here's the TL;DR:

- Create a resource pack for any mob from both vanilla Minecraft and any other Minecraft mod, giving them a custom model, texture and animation!

- And not just one of each... Random variants for models, textures and animations, too! Infinite variety, if you so choose!

- You know how certain mobs like Enderman, Phantoms and Spiders have glowing eyes? You can add glowing overlays to any mob now, anywhere on their model, very easily!

- Only humanoids like Zombies and Piglins can display items and armour, right? NOT ANYMORE! Now any mob can display armour and items - Even with entirely custom models!!

What mobs have extra support for JEMs packs?

Currently, the list of mobs with built-in JEMs resource packs, useable for templates, are:

- Zombie

- Skeleton

- Spider

- Creeper

- Cow

- Pig

- Sheep

- Chicken

- Iron Golem

- Endermen

These mobs also all have extra built-in animations and features not yet available for other mobs (For example, Iron Golems having their cracked layers), but these will be added as we update the mod further. Stay tuned for more!

Where can I learn how to make a JEMs resource pack?

Great question! We have a small wiki with extensive documentation on how JEMs packs work!


Are CEM packs compatible with JEMs?

No. This shouldn't be a problem though, as JEMs is much more straightforward and easy to work with than Optifine packs anyways!

Porting a pack over from one system to another shouldn't be too challenging, with any luck.

"The mod crashed! But why!?"

If you launched the game with a custom resource pack and it crashed, it's entirely likely that you formatted the pack incorrectly and need to fix it.

Otherwise, if you crashed mid-game and can identify it being down to something relating to JSON models/GeckoLib or even JEMs specifically, please let us know on our GitHub and Discord!

Where can I receive some help with making a JEMs pack?

Our Discord! Be sure to read the wiki thoroughly first, though!

List of some JEMs resource packs:

If you've made a JEMs pack and would like to see it featured here, show it off on our Discord server and we may include it here!

JEMs resource packs:

TBA JEMs features:

Features that are not currently in JEMs, but may be added in the future:

- Mob Variants:

  - Biome
  - Altitude (Y-level)
  - Nametag
  - Time & Weather

- Animated textures(?)

Things that JEMs will not add or do:

- Change hitbox scaling. Use Pehkui!

- Custom mob AI. JEMs is a resource pack tool. Create a mod or datapack instead!

- Custom sound variants. This is a little outside of our scope. We may reconsider in the future, but please don't ask or count on it. Sorry!

"When will you add ---?"

We're probably working on it! The developer is currently abroad and the animator works across numerous different projects and jobs, so things may slow down from this initial release.

We don't intend to stop working on this project, though: We're both very enthusiastic about it and can't wait to add more in the future!

"1.16.5 Backport? 1.12.2 Backport? Fabric port?"

No. We will ignore all porting requests, only supporting versions that we want to support, when we choose to support them.

Who do I have to thank for this wonderful mod?

HellionGames, for programming it!

Nekomaster, for making the mob models, textures and animations!

GeckoLib, for being very supportive of this project and enabling us to make it in the first place!

The support of the members of the Infernal Studios Discord, for giving us the energy to continue working on Infernal Studios projects!