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Uploaded by techbrew
Uploaded Nov 25, 2011
Game Version 1.0.0
Size 456.23 KB
Downloads 27,544
MD5 6a0b15a67b0fc357a1909549bf8bd1f2
Supported Minecraft 1.0 Versions



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JourneyMap 1.0.0 for MineCraft 1.0.0 (Nov 25, 2011)

  1. Requires ModLoader 1.0.0
  2. New feature: Mapping in the Nether realm
  3. New feature: Mapping in the End realm
  4. New feature: Save Map button
  5. Added more nearby monsters: Dragon, Ghast, Slime, MagmaCube, Blaze
  6. Improved monster icons
  7. Default port for web browser is now 8080
  8. Javascript/CSS Bug fixes to enable use of Firefox 8
  9. Bug fix that improves browser performance of image retrieval
  10. Made 2 the minimum map scale until image caching is in place
  11. Added retries on the occasional image manipulation errors

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