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Filename journeymap-1.18-5.8.0alpha9.jar
Uploaded by Mysticdrew
Uploaded Dec 9, 2021
Game Version 1.18.1   +2
Size 6.91 MB
Downloads 149,918
MD5 83352d896666604b51b95bace9d1b000
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JourneyMap 1.18-5.8.0alpha9 for Minecraft 1.18


  • Java 17
  • Minecraft 1.18
  • Forge 1.18-38.0.15

General Information:

CHANGELOG (2021-12-09-13:46:37):

New in 1.18-5.8.0alpha9

  • Added: New Api events for fullscreen mouse_click, mouse_drag, and mouse_move.
  • Fixed: Cave lighting for caves below y0.
  • Fixed: Cave slider click issues.
  • Fixed: Cave Slider tooltip for negative slices
  • Fixed: Jetty META-INF maven trash removed to avoid module conflicts with dynmap.

Alpha 1-8

  • Fixed: Editing Waypoints in multiplayer.
  • Fixed: Polygon line drawing
  • Fixed: Mod Compat -> OptiFine blurry textures and text.
  • Fixed: Empty scaled entity texture
  • Fixed: Waypoint negative Y level.
  • Fixed: Deathpoint negative Y level.
  • Changed: Textbox logic to be smoother and cleaner when clicking and highlighting
  • Updated: Works on 1.18
  • Added: New Biome Map Type
  • Added: Position Button in Minimap Bottom Bar for minimap and effects moving.
  • Added: Cartography option to map water colors based on biome. Default: False
  • Added: Version packet for use by bukkit/spigot/sponge servers. See our discord for details.
  • Added: Info Slot Background opacity option.
  • Changed: Click through buttons are now dropdowns.
  • Changed: Potion effects have a zone where they will also shift when in custom option now.
  • Changed: Entity icons are now much shaper when upscaled.
  • Changed: InfoSlot data update time lowered.
  • Fixed: More dimension naming issues.
  • Fixed: Fixed some issues with waypoint label rendering.
  • Updated: Updated to latest forge RB

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