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JourneyMap Integration


This mod was made to let JoururneyMap support some features from other mods to make your life easier.

And it's also included some mod tweaks and non-mod integration functions btw.


All features are toggleable in config/jmi-client.toml


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Current support(s):

  • FTBChunks (Client-side only since v0.8)

     1. Claim chunks in Journeymap (v0.6+)

     2. Display claimed chunks.

     3. Add an Info Slot that shows claimed chunk name at your current position. (This is not applied by default. If you're a pack author you can ship default config with this thing on.)

     4. Auto disable the features that conflict with JourneyMap (MiniMap, Death waypoint, Waypoint beam)
     5. Open chunk claiming screen first whenever you try to open FTB map


  • Waystones (Client-side)

     1. Show waystone on JourneyMap as an icon marker (It would look better than waypoints especially in a world with tones of waystones)


  • JourneyMap (Client-side)

     1. Default-config shipper

     2. Shift right-click to send a waypoint suggestion message in client-side chat. (From #1. You can set a list of blocks or tags in config)




  • Immersive Engineering & Immersive Petroleum ore vein support



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