JourneyMap Defaults

8,621 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 12, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Note that this mod has been superseded with a mod called More Default Options. This mod no longer works with the latest versions of Journey Map,



This mod is designed for modpack makers who want to ship their own default configuration for the JourneyMap mod. It is not inteded for players wanting to customise their own private modpacks (though this is perfectly possible if you know what you're doing!).

Why is this mod needed?

The JourneyMap configuration files are similar to the options.txt file, in that they can't be shipped with a modpack, otherwise everytime your push out an update to your modpack, players will have their customised JourneyMap configuration overwritten by your defaults, which will upset your players.

How does it work?

Much like the mod DefaultOptions, this mod allows modpack makers to work around this problem. Simply drop this mod into your modpack, and the on first run the mod will generate a set of JourneyMap configuration files in the folder '/config/journeymapdefaults/' that you can edit to suit your modpack's requirements, or simply overwrite with your own files generated using JourneyMap's own in game configuration GUI.

JourneyMap uses a set of 7 config files for its config when you use the in game GUI, these are normally stored in the directory /journeymap/config/5.5/

When a player first runs your modpack, the config files you placed in /config/journeymapdefaults/ will be placed in the journeymap configuration directory. It will also create a file (default /journeymapdefaults.firstrun), once this file has been created, this mod will not attempt to replace the JourneyMap files, as they might have been modified by your players. Note take care not to package this firstrun file in your modpack.


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