JETIF adds JEI support for throwing items into fluids placed in the world to create either different fluids or new items. On its own it doesn't add anything but it currently supports the following mods:





Q: Can you add support for X ?

A: Sure, make a new issue on the issue tracker with [Suggestion] in the title (if there isn't already for your mod) giving a link to the mod and what is craftable.


Q: Why is there empty space on the left ?

A: To have room to put 3 items on the left, for recipes such as Fluix Crystals from Applied Energistics 2.


Q: Why is there empty space on the bottom ?

A: To write a warning that the recipe consumes the fluid when it creates an item, like making Celestial Crystal Clusters from Astral Sorcery for example.


Q: Why ?

A: So people can look up how to craft certain items from start to finish by just naviguating through the recipes.