Jcd's Plastic

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The Fabric API is required to run this mod.


What is Jcd's Plastic?

Jcd's plastic is a mod that adds in many plastic-related items. It was inspired by TehKrush's Plasticraft mod, but it contains many novel features.


What does it let me do?

With Jcd's Plastics, you can...

- Create blocks, items, and tools out of six real-world plastics!

- Control crowds of mobs with the nightstick and riot shield!

- Smash up pigs into gelatin, then eat them in the form of jello!

- See in the dark with night vision goggles!

- Inject yourself with homemade drugs!

- Create fields of artifical grass!

- Move entities with the accelerator and decelerator blocks!

- Craft vinyl records!

- Fly with a totally-not-overpowered™ jetpack!


Awesome! How do I get started?

It is highly recommended to use the Roughly Enough Items mod to view the recipes for this mod. You can obtain plastic balls by smelting a filled mould.


Due to a glitch, the jetpack sometimes removes the ability to fly in creative. You can temporarily fix this by re-logging while I search for a solution to the bug.


Questions? Suggestions? Found a bug? Message me on Discord (jcdwalle#7023), email me at julian.c.drake@gmail.com, or write a comment here!