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Getting tired of your bigger dinosaurs breaking out of their pens, or you haven't even gotten that far because you are still mining inordinate amounts of iron to contain them?

Then this mod is for you! It adds Reinforced Concrete, a basic building block for all of your bunker and paddock needs.

Now that the dinosaurs wont escape, lets give them some reinforced landscape to explore.

Using the new material "DuraPlast" we can create artificial terrain that is resistant to breaking. (Dirt, Stone, Grassed Dirt, Snowed Dirt)

Also using this material, we can create some merchandise to sell at the park! DuraBrick Toys! They get lost absolutely everywhere, so try digging through tall grass for some.

And, you can even melt down all DuraPlast products in exchange for raw DuraPlast.


This was built out of a desire to more easily build dinosaur parks with Fossils and Archaeology: Revival. I do not own that mod. If I did, then these features would simply be implemented already and you wouldn't be reading this :P


Items of Note:

Note: Built using MCreator. If you have a problem with this, I don't care. I am only putting this mod here for others to use it because I find it very useful, which is why I made it in the first place. To be useful.

Also Note: the title image contains items found in Fossils and Archaeology: Revival that are not found in this mod. It also includes a glimpse of some stuff from Pam's Harvest Craft, as I happened to have that mod on at the time. I of course did not make them and therefore lay no claim to those specific items. They are used as example and example only; or in the case of the Harvestcraft items, are there only by coincidence. The reasoning behind this is that this is meant to be a companion mod the FaA:R, rather than a standalone. Also Pams is my favorite mod. Please do not sue me.