JapariCraftMod 2

21,572 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 14, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2



What is this:

This mod is Add AnimalGirlMob from KemonoFriends

Animal girls and related foods etc. will be added

How to Make Friends:

The new animals are found all over the overworld

Most additional mobs can be friends with Various Japariman

And They recover naturally





Various abilities

Friends will eat japariman naturally




What? Kobold to animegirl?

add TwilightKoboldGirl!(of curse. she is friendly)

She is scared at first, but if you give japariman it will calm down 

Biome O' Plenty

suppoted Biome O' Plenty's fruit!

You can use those fruits as Japariman!

Planed futures


  • more friends ability


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