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This mod is no longer supported.


This mod contains the tweaks I use in my packs. These tweaks are based on combinations of mods being present.


  • Botania + ExNihilo - removes Terraform wand (giant piles of dirt not good in skyblock)
  • ExtraUtilities + ExNihilo - adds a cheaper recipe for the basic builder's wand
  • Natura + AgriCraft - removes seed bags
  • Agricraft + ExNihilo - adds a cheaper journal recipe
  • Progressive Automation + Iguana Tweaks- adds a cobblegen upgrade recipe using clay buckets
  • BloodMagic + ExNihilo - adds spawn egg recipes
  • BloodMagic + HQM - adds a heart recipe
  • BloodMagic + ExNihilo - adds a cheaper sacrificial knife and altar recipe using flint
  • Harvestcraft+IguanaTinkerTweaks - adds claybucket recipe for fresh water
  • Harvestcraft + Botania - adds flour recipes to the botania mortar
  • Harvestcraft - adds a recipe for potato flour
  • MFR+ Thaumcraft or RedstoneArsenal or ThermalExpansion or TiConstruct or Botania in any combination - changes the machine upgrade recipes
  • ThermalExpansion - adds a recipe for Mithril ore
  • SolarFlux+ThermalExpansion - changes the mirror recipe to use silver
  • TinkersConstruct+ Thaumcraft - adds recipes for heart canisters
  • TConstruct+ExtraUtilities - makes spikes require a smeltery for metal
  • Harvestcraft + IguanaTinkerTweaks - makes the pot and saucepan use a smeltery for crafting.
  • TConstruct + AE2 - uses the wooden gear for making the gear cast.
  • Thaumcraft - adds a new aspect
  • Thaumcraft + RecallStones - changes the recall stone recipes to use arcane crafting
  • Thaumcraft + ExNihilo + ForbiddenMagic - adds crucible recipes for FM shards
  • Thaumcraft + CustomNpcs - adds recipes for some items, used for quests in AS2.