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1.16+: Jade is a fork of HWYLA that includes many additional features and bug fixes. Which means it is incompatible with Hwyla (because it has included it)

1.15-: Jade is a collection of HWYLA addons that enhance the user experience

Jade is the information HUD mod - Hwyla/Waila for modern Minecraft versions. Designed for better user experience and API.

Jade can be installed only on the client side. But many features require Jade on the server side. (item storage, horse stats, bees in beehive...)

For mod integration, try Jade Addons: Forge Fabric

Keys (default):

  • Keypad 0: Open configuration screen
  • Keypad 1: Toggle overlay
  • Keypad 2: Toggle liquid display
  • Keypad 3: Show recipes (Requires JEI)
  • Keypad 4: Show uses (Requires JEI)
  • Keypad 5: Narrate target

Notable changes compared to Hwyla:

  • API re-design
  • More vanilla addons
  • Higher configurability
  • Better accessibility


Item Handlers - Show items inside item handlers (chests, hoppers, ender chests...)

Breaking Progress - Show block breaking progress as a small progress bar

Brewing Stand - Show fuels and process time

Mob Effects - Show what potion effects the mob has

Entity Growth - Show growing time and breeding cooldown of animals

Horse stats - Jump height and speed of horses, mules and donkeys, even strength of llamas

Item Frame - Show item in item frame

Hide Mod Names - Hide mod name in tooltip (Disabled by default)

Beehive - Show bees and honey in beehive

Armor Stand - Show armors on armor stand

Chicken Egg - Show time before next egg

Command Block - Show command line

Trapped Chest - Hide as normal chest

TNT - Show stability

Note Block - Show pitch and instrument

Painting - Show painting name

Accurate Block Name - Shows "Potted Cactus" rather than "Cactus"

Misc - Show boat, end crystal, armor stand and more

For modders - Additional tooltip renderers

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