iYAMATO's Mob Mod

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Add  mobs and weapons.
Each has its own characteristics.
There are also mobs inspired.
Your journey will be more exciting.


I pray for good fight.




This mod also contains elements of DeadSpace.

Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle, Line Gun, Force Gun, Flame Thrower, Seeker Rifle, Plasma Saw.

and NecroMorphs.


・Slasher Clow
Slasher drops. You can throw it and damage it.


・Exploder Arm
The Explorer will drop. When throwing it will explode. Please note that the range is quite wide.


・Dried Kunekune
Kunekune will drop it. Damage by throwing. By crafting you can also make dried Kunekune mask.


・Dried Kunekune Mask
You can craft with dried Kunekune. It is possible to give damage just by looking at mob. But power is low.


・Engineering Suit

Stronger than equipment equipped with diamonds.


・Advanced Suit

Flying by jumping while running.


・Power Node
It is an item necessary to strengthen weapons. Diamond, Nether Quartz, Glow Stone Dust, Red Stone Block, Emerald can craft. Sometimes mob drops.


・Plasma Cutter
Very high speed of bullets. If Plasma Energy is in the inventory and you hold the plasma cutter in hand, it will automatically reload. It can be strengthened with the power node. Lv2 gives the number of bullets, Lv3 gives power, Lv4 special (fire attribute) is given.


・Plasma Energy
It is a bullet of a plasma cutter.


・Stasis Module
Give speed reduction, weakening, Glow to the direct hit or mob within range. If you put Stasis Pack in inventory and have Stasis Module in hand, it will automatically reload. It can be strengthened with the power node. Lv2 and Lv3 are number of bullets, durability enhancement is given with Lv4.


・Stasis Pack
It is a bullet of Stasis Module.


・Pulse Rifle
Although the power of a single shot is low, it fires full auto. Shoot while sneaking and randomly fire bullets in all directions. It can be strengthened with the power node. As the level rises, the power and the number of bullets increase.


・Pulse Rounds
In the inventory, if you have a pulse rifle, auto reload.


・Line Gun
It fires bullets spreading horizontally. When the shoot while sneak, shoot the plasma bullets of the time bomb. It can be strengthened with the power node. As the level goes up, the width, power, number of bullets increases, the secondary explosion range expands, and the detonation time is shortened.


・Line Racks
In the inventory, if you have a line gun, auto reload.


・Force Gun
Shoot and shock waves are generated, the closer the distance is, the stronger the power and the knockback become. Shoot while sneaking, fire energy bullets. Long distance is not good weapon. As the level rises, the power and the number of bullets increase.


・Force Energy
In the inventory, if you have a force gun, auto reload.


・Flame Thrower
Fire with a parabolic orbit. Shooting while sneaking will fire a fuel can, hit it, or explode in time. It can be strengthened with the power node. As the level rises, the power and the number of bullets increase.


・Flame Fuel
In the inventory, if you have a Flame Thrower, auto reload.


・Seeker Rifle
When you sneak, you aim at the scope, recoil and shake are reduced. It can be strengthened with the power node. As the level rises, the power and the number of bullets increase.


・Seeker Shells
In the inventory, if you have a Seeker Rifle, auto reload.


・Plasma Saw
It is a tool and a weapon for rock drilling every block. ※ Bed Rock etc can not be broken.


・Stone Statue
Feature: Although it will not move within view, as soon as it comes out of sight, it will be coming. Teleport it if you hit it.


Features: Charge
If it drifts as fluffy, it will attack you. It is a dangerous mob that explodes only by touching.


Features: Charge and blind
It drifts fluffy, but unlike Willow Whisp, entering a certain range gives a blind effect. This is also dangerous because it is self-destructing just by touching.


・Blue Slime
Features: Melt the block
Melt the surrounding blocks one by one. When divided, it becomes easier to destroy the topography. Obsidian can not dissolve, but it is dangerous if it is a regular base.


Features: go through walls
Because there is no entity, it passes through the wall. But physical attack is effective :D


Features: Excessive agility potion effect
Although it looks normal, it gives a potion effect of excessive agility. It is hard to operate anymore :D


・Black Cat
Features: Misfortune
It has a diamond. But closer and be bad luck.


・Fire Man
Features: Blowing a fire
Sometimes it burns more violently than Blaze.


Features: Damage when put in sight
It is the Japanese urban legend 'Kunekune'. Although it does not move, it gets damaged just by putting it in sight, the time of fighting is very troublesome.


Features: Excessive jump boost and climb ability
Since Techne can not be used at the moment, it became like modeling with other tools.
It was said at Mastodon "Because it looks like a creeper, let's use it." Is this really OK? :D


・Rafflesia Girl
Features: Nausea
It attacks while releasing a bad smell.


・Gremlin Girl
Features: Decrease in speed of movement and throwing pebbles
Just approaching will give you a powerful speed reduction. Also coming throwing a pebble while taking the distance.


・Slime Girl
Features: to divide
It splits and attacks. Split individuals disappear over time.


・Moth Girl
Features: Flight
Flying without sound and attacking. Attack ignores defense and gives damage.


Features: Weakness
It is fat mob. Meat pieces become fuel.


Features: Poison
It is a mob that inhabits the desert. It have poison.


Features: Moving speed decrease
It is a variant of wire mesh. It gives a moving speed reduction.



Features: Teleport

Release guided bullets. You will be forced teleported when attacked.


Features: When you put it in sight, it attacks fiercely


Features: Spreads poison
Unlike original stories, it moves.


Features: suicide bombing
It has a powerful suicide attack. It drops right arms. Of course it will be thrown.


Features: Shooting
Shoot a bullet from the tentacles of your back while taking distance.


Features: long-range attack by bile, which vary depending on the distance
If it is a long distance it will be a bullet of a drop in moving speed, and if it is a short distance it will spur a bullet of ignoring protection. When you knock down it sprinkles bile and gives damage. If you burn it with fire attribute and defeat it will not scatter.


FEATURES: Distant attack with bile
Approach while shooting bile.


Features: Change surrounding zombies to slasher
Besides players, zombies and villagers also attack and change to slashers.


Features: High mobility
It moves beyond some steps.


Features: Spawn in group
Individual abilities are low, but spawn in groups


Features: High attack power and rush. Long range attack.
It is a powerful mob. It will have a knock back resistance. Also shoot exploding Pods at long distances.


・Super class
Features: High attack power, high HP
Spawn rate is low but is Necromorphs who capacity has been strengthened.


・Precarious Creeper
Features: High search capability, powerful self-destruct
It is an unstable creeper that finds this even if gaze does not pass. I do not know where that instability will suicide


・Napalm Creeper
FEATURES: To make the sea of fire upon suicide bomb
Upon a suicide bomb it turns the whole area into a sea of fire.


・Sonic Boom Creeper

Features: Acceleration. Even if suicide bombs do not die
Even if suicide bombs, there is no topographical destruction, but it accelerates at a stroke and closes the distance.


・Stone Creeper
Features: Change suicide bomb area to cobble stone
Suicide bombs will make the area cobblestone with the blast. There is a danger of item losing if you caught chest etc.


・Divide Creeper
Features: Divide
When suicide bombs, it attacks with only the head and the leg. Split parts will not be self-destructed.


More information on this blog.



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