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Attention Fabric users: This is a Forge mod, it has always been and will always be. If I ever port it to Fabric, which I have no current plans to do, it will be as a fully separate project, and it will be clearly indicated.


A small client-side mod that helps prevent using items beyond repair.

NOTE: No this doesn't allow you to repair items infinitely, nor does it give them infinite durability. See the feature list below.


The mod consists of three features:

  1. It shows the approximate number of uses in the item's tooltip
    Item tooltip
  2. It shows the approximate remaining uses on screen (to avoid spam, it will only show if the durability is <= 10 and the remaining uses are <= 20)
    Item near breaking
  3. It prevents using the item to mine or attack when the durability is at 1
    Item disabled
    1. Can be bypassed by holding down the control key (meta on macs). Yes, the same one used to sprint, this is intentional.


  • Configurations



Can I use this in <X>?

Yes. Unless <X>'s license is incompatible with this mod's, which is unlikely.

Help and Support

For bug reports and feature requests, visit the issue tracker (link above)

You can also find me on discord, in my little discord server (please use the support forum channels! DO NOT DM me unless strictly necessary). 

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