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Item Model Fix (Fabric)



Tired of those transparent lines and gaps on the edges of items? If so, this mod is for you! Item Model Fix fixes those transparent lines in all generated item models, meaning that even item models added by other mods will be fixed.


If possible, please report bugs on the issue tracker or Discord server. Other feedback or requests are also welcome.




To access the mod's configuration, install Fabric API, Mod Menu, and Cloth Config API.


Item Model Fix:

  • is compatible with Sodium, Canvas, and most other rendering mods.
  • is compatible with all resource packs.
    • works with Minecraft 1.15 or newer.
    • does not depend on the Fabric API and will work without it.
    • is client-side only.


In Action



Vanilla Netherite Sword Model



Fixed Netherite Sword Model




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