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Pesky people and their constant need to ruin things! Put a stop to em!

What it do?


Blocks the use of items and blocks in the specified dimensions. Op's are still able to use them!

Easy to use and edit! Everything can be done via ingame commands!

You need to install this on the client and the server!

New things it adds!


Locked item: This holds the contraband in a nullifying shell! They shall use it no more!

You can replace any dim/dim list with __GLOBAL__ to ban that item in all worlds.


  • /blockitem - Base command. Will give you all the available options.
    • ban [dim list] [item[:*:meta]] - Bans the item. (Defaults to the item you are holding and the dimension you are in.)
    • unban [item[:*:meta]] - Unbans the item. (Defaults to the item you are holding and the dimension you are in.)
    • list [dim:player] - Lists all the banned items sorted by dimension. (Defaults to all dimensions.)
    • unpack [player] - Removes items from the banned item container. (Defaults to you.)
    • pack [player] - Puts items back into banned item container. (Defaults to you.)

Pack vs World bans
Since v1.2 there is 2 possible blacklists:

They both apply at the same time!

  • World: Changeable trough the command /blockitem. Also a file: <world data>/ItemBlacklist.json.
  • Pack: Only via the file: config/ItemBlacklist.json.
    You cannot change the pack config in the game, its meant for pack makers who want to ban items from use for all servers. If you as a server owner then want to ban more items, just use the command.

This also makes it easy to maintain the 2 lists. The pack maker can update the Pack list, and not override bans made by server owners and server owners can further restrict items without much effort. The only hard thing comes when a server owner wants to overrule a pack maker's ban. You will have to manually edit the Pack JSON file (config/ItemBlacklist.json) to remove the entry, and do that every pack update.

For this reason I recommend pack makers to provide an extra file, if they want to have optional/recommended extra bans, and put that file somewhere safe (so it won't override world/ItemBlacklist.json!), and attach a note to your server download/info page.


For people who need perms.



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