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A Pillager mod for 1.16.5, 1.18.2 & 1.19.2 aiming to expand on the pillager civilization, as well as provide additional challenges and compelling gameplay in the survival game mode.


The Pillagers have expanded their Civilization! They have set up encampments and fortresses all over the world! Do you have what it takes to overcome these new threats, and seize their precious loot? See the Images Tab for Spoilers!


It Takes a Pillage is currently in full release! This is my second mod in release. Check out my others, and keep an eye out for more! Listen to the soundtrack on SoundCloudPlease considering supporting me below, as that will allow me more time for updates and fixes.



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No Other Mod Dependencies!


📦 Integrations with other mods:

 Biomes O'Plenty, Oh The Biomes You'll GoTerralith

 Biomes O'PlentyOh The Biomes You'll GoTerralith

 Biomes O'PlentyOh The Biomes You'll Go


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✔️ Fixes to Old Issuestldr: just update Bygone Nether and Forge ):


  • Issue: Summon command broken for iron golems; Fix: Update the mod to v1.0.2 or later
  • Issue: Clay golems explode in numbers; Fix: Update the mod to v1.0.2 or later


  • Issue: Game crashes when drinking milk; Fix: Update the mod to v1.0.1 or later


  • No bugfixes specific to 1.18.2 yet


  • No bugfixes specific to 1.16.5 yet


🤍 Acknowledgements:

Special Thanks to: Telepathic GruntSizable Shrimp, Commoble, and Cadiboo from the Mod Development Discord for their assistance and direction during the development process.

Special Thanks to: ZestyBlaze for the initial It Takes a Pillage Fabric Port!