Iron Age Furniture

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Chairs 1

Chairs 2

At the Table

Chairs can be sat on, in the same manner as mounting horse, Right Click to sit, and press Shift to get up.

Chairs 4

Chairs 3

Chairs 5

Welcome to the Bar

Tall Stools are just right for sitting at the bar.

At the Bar

Perhaps you will meet someone!

Sitting at the Bar

The Stables

Short Stools are ideal for milking the cows.

Camp Site Approach

Log Benches in the woods.

Camping Site

Log Benches of any Vanilla type, as well as all the log types from other compatible mods.

Sitting round the fire

Working like other seats, you can spend some time sitting around the fire, sharing stories of that time you saw a Creeper.

Church Pews

The backed and padded benches make for excellent pews in church.

Phase 1 and 2 Seating

All the basic wood types for all 9 seat types.

Padded Benches

Want to seat one comfortably, maybe two, three, fifteen?

Council Chambers

Perhaps your amphitheatre or Colosseum need some comfy seats.