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 The mod adds new ladders. The higher the tier of the ladder the faster the speed of climbing it.



  • Speed bonuses for each ladder can be changed in the config file
  • Ladders can be upgraded without destroying them using special items
  • Each upgrade item has multiple enhancement charges(except for specials)
  • You can upgrade multiple ladders at once with shift+click.
  • Morph upgrade will change the appearance of any of the ladders
  • Power upgrade made the ladder raise/lower the enitities
  • Glow upgrade makes ladders emit light

In-Game View:

  • All types of Ladders:

  • Power Upgrade (automatically raises/lowers creatures depending on the redstone signal):

  • Glow Upgrade (makes ladders emit light):

  • Both Upgrades:

  •  Recipes:
  • Ladderes:

  • Upgrades: