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Iron Chests (Fabric)


Iron Chests for Fabric

Iron Chests for Fabric is a simple mod that enhances your Minecraft Gameplay by adding new, upgradable chests, that will allow you to store more items in a single block.

Each Chest can be upgraded, starting from the Wooden Chest (Vanilla Minecraft). By doing so you will just need to craft a Chest Upgrade, and SHIFT + RIGHT_CLICK the chest you want to upgrade. This will avoid the need to break the already placed chest. Do not worry, the chest will keep its inventory.




Now with Crystal Chest


Please feel free to contribute to develop the mod by suggesting any enhancement in the "Issue" section on GitHub, or any code improvement by using the "Pull Request" section. You can also use this last one to submit a translation of the mod (or an update of the existing translations).


Mod Requirements

Chest Upgrades:

Christmas: 27 Slots

Copper: 45 Slots

Iron: 54 Slots

Gold: 81 Slots

Emerald: 108 Slots

Diamond: 108 Slots

Crystal: 108 Slots

Obsidian: 108 Slots



Crafting Recipes


Copper Chest

Iron Chest

Gold Chest

Diamond Chest

Obsidian Chest


Upgrade Items

Wood to Copper

Copper to Iron

Iron to Gold

Gold to Diamond

Diamond to Obsidian




Known Bugs

Currently there are no known bugs. If you find one please report it on GitHub, explaining how you encountered it, how to reproduce it, attaching a crashlog and any other type of evidence.