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[Fabric] Iron Chests


Iron Chests

[Fabric] Iron Chests is a complete Fabric port of the original Iron Chest mod. It adds a variety of new chests to the game with varying storage sizes and unique features. Each chest can each be upgraded over time as you collect and store more materials, adding a new system of progression to the game! 






Unique Chest Features

9 New Chest Tiers

Upgrade Items

Increased Storage


Chest Tiers

Iron Chest
Able to store 54 stacks of items.


Gold Chest
Able to store 81 stacks of items.


Diamond Chest
Able to store 108 stacks of items.


Copper Chest
Able to store 45 stacks of items.


Silver Chest

Able to store 72 stacks of items.


Crystal Chest

Able to store 108 stacks of items.
Transparent and renders items inside dynamically.


Obsidian Chest
Able to store 108 stacks of items.
Completely blast resistant.


Holiday Chest
Able to store 27 stacks of items.
Christmas themed skin for the default chest.


DirtChest 9000!
Able to store 1 stack of dirt.

Comes with a handy user manual.


Crafting Recipes: https://feed-the-beast.fandom.com/wiki/Iron_Chests

NOTE: This is a port of a mod by cpw. All credit goes to him for the original idea and textures.