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Inverse Blocks is a mod that adds something called Inverse Matter:

  • Transmutation of items(ex. transmuting Rotten Flesh into Leather)
  • New items (ex. Amulets with special powers)
  • New blocks (ex. Charging Pedestal, Mob Grinder)
  • New crafting mechanic - Infusion
  • New tools (ex. Inverted Diamond Pickaxe)


A quick description of the new items and blocks


There are currently four amulets:

  • The Fire Amulet - Instantly extinguishes you when on fire
  • The Flight Amulet - Allows you to fly
  • The Saturation Amulet - Instantly feeds you
  • The Speed Amulet - Gives you a slight speed boost when sprinting

Amulets require being charged in the Charging Pedestal.


The Infusion Pedestal must be used to craft some materials and/or tools. It can be also used for transmutation of some vanilla items into there inverses(Rotten Flesh -> Leather, Grass -> Mycelium, ...).


The mod also adds powerful tools like the Inverted Diamond Pickaxe that can mine blocks in a 3x3 area. It can be made via Infusion crafting and the Inverted Diamond Axe which will auto-smelt any smeltable harvestable block.


You can find more information on the pages tab.


You can use this mod in your modpack.


The mod has an in-game guide, but I recommend using JEI with this mod. 

This mod is still in development.