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Adds some miniature pillagers, which farm theme based items for you while relaxing in your hotbar. Furthermore we have seen appearing a teleport pillager!? But why is he sleeping.. weird. Furthermore you can craft the priest pillager which will heal you if you need some healing for your wounds. An ore pillager will try to help you, finding overworld ores like coal, gold or something else :D There is more in this to explore, just find it out.



Hey dude, why are you sleeping!?

Item Collector Pillagers


Priest Pillager


Ore Pillager




If you don´t like to have a specific item from this mod in your game, just disable it through the config file





This mod is developed for Fabric.

There are no plans to develop a Forge version. 


Modpack Permission:

Feel free to use it in any modpacks



Ideas are welcome, just post them down in the comments


Bug Report:

Just report bugs at the github page


I love to hear what you think about my mod, so just leave a comment here!

Thank you.


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