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Inventory Essentials

This mod adds a few inventory control enhancements that have initially been introduced in mods like Inventory Tweaks and Mouse Tweaks, but keeps it limited to only the most essential functionality. This means it can be used alongside other mods that add inventory features, such as Quark or Inventory Sorter, without having to worry about clashes in functionality. As no default behaviour is overriden by this mod, it can be used Plug-and-Play without having to worry about configurations first.

This mod does not add inventory sorting. If you want sorting alongside this mod, I recommend Inventory Sorter.

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  • Control-click an item to only quick-move a single item instead of the entire stack
  • Shift-control click an item to quick-move all stacks of that item type (e.g. all cobblestone from a chest into your inventory)
  • Hold shift and move over items to quick-move them without having to click each individually
  • Optional on client and server. Only those who want to use it need to install it, and if the server doesn't have it installed, it will still work for clients who do have it installed.