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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Marked as Abandoned per owner's request.

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Is your Inventory always full of crap? Well then Inventory Decrapifier is for you! Inventory Decrapifier overhauls the inventory management system. The player can choose which items they will pick up by looking at a dropped item and pressing a key. The item the player will pick up will glow. The player can also choose to pick up items normally, but exclude some undesirable items, like rotten flesh.



  • Ability to select which items you wish to pick up off the ground
  • Ability to make selected items glow
  • Ability to stop blacklisted items from entering your inventory via pickup
  • Ability to purge all blacklisted items from your inventory with a single keystroke
  • Ability to purge all blacklisted items from an opened container
  • Clients do not need the mod installed even if the server has the mod installed


Default Keybindings:

  • Open Blacklist GUI: X
  • Pick up item: C
  • Purge Items: B (CTRL + B for containers)
  • Toggle Blacklist: N

Additional Information & instructions:


When you start the game, vanilla behavior will be in effect. To add an item to your blacklist, press 'X'. This will open up a GUI. Click on the green '+' symbol below the "ID Blacklist" section to blacklist an item by it's ID, or Click on the green '+' below the "OreDictionary" Blacklist to blacklist items via OreDictionary. You must then enable the blacklist by pressing 'N'

Note that the blacklist is non-functional in multiplayer unless the server has the mod installed.

When blacklisting items by ID, you can include a range of damage values. Here are some examples
minecraft:stone will blacklist smooth stone only (it uses damage value 0)

minecraft:stone[1] will blacklist unpolished granite only

minecraft:stone[1,3] will blacklist unpolished granite, polished granite, and unpolished diorite

minecraft:stone[*] will blacklist all of the vanilla stone blocks


To edit an entry in your blacklist, simply click the entry.


To delete an entry from your blacklist, click the red trash can, and then click the entry you wish to delete. To exit delete mode, click the paper & pencil.


To add additional blacklists, click the green '+' in the "Blacklists" section. Blacklists may not have duplicate names.


You may delete a blacklist by entering delete mode and clicking a blacklist. You cannot delete your last blacklist.





highlightSelectedItem if true the item you are selecting for pickup will glow

isBlackListOn if true, you will not pickup items in the blacklist unless you press the pick up item key

pickupItemsByDefault if false, you will always have to press the pick up item key to pick up an item




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Inventory Decrapifier © Gamebuster19901 2016. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Modpacks: Curseforge/FTB permisson automatically granted. Tekkit disallowed. Any other platform must seek permission.


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