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日本語版はこちら (Japanese)


Create infinite lava sources just like water!

This mod has separate files for each Minecraft version.
Select a file for your version from the Files page instead of clicking the download button in the upper right.

  • Create infinite lava sources, just like infinite water sources.
  • Supports a wide range of versions — 1.7.2-1.16.5 and 1.17-Snapshot, Forge and Fabric.
  • For multiplayer, you only need to install on the server-side, no client-side installation is required.
  • Nether-only mode. If you turn on this option, this mod will work only in the Nether.
 What's new in v1.2.0

Added /instantlava command (mc 1.13.2 or later). You can view and change the settings in real time by using the command.

How to enable Nether-only mode

Fabric versions
Fabric versions (on client-side) have an in-game config screen in Mod Menu, so you can switch this option there.

Forge versions
Forge versions (and server-side installations) might be a bit cumbersome.

  • First, create a config file by launching Minecraft with this mod normally, and close.
  • Open .minecraft/config/instantlava.json with a text editor, replace "netherOnly": false to true, and save.
  • Launch Minecraft again.

Enjoy InstantLava experience, now available only in the Nether!

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  • Logo created by ORiON
  • Chinese translation by @lechiny
  • Cloth Config API — an awesome configuration library for Fabric by shedaniel
Modpack License

You are free to bundle this mod in your modpack as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Provide a credit (e.g. InstantLava by parly)
  • Give a link to this page


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