This mod that adds InstaHouses, houses that can be placed instantaneously!

I liked the idea of having a couple of blocks, that can build structures (houses for example) instantly!
That's why I created this mod, the instahouses mod, which adds these blocks. They can be rightclicked to generate a house! As a note, this mod is (in my opinion) technically more impressive than my other mod as it uses a custom fileformat and parser to allow the game to read the house shapes.


The latest version of this mod works for Minecraft Version: 1.15.2


Other supported versions: 1.12.2, 1.14.4


Please let me know whether the 1.12.2 and 1.15.2 versions of my mod work correctly on servers, as that is entirely untested currently!


Update Video on the Update/Backport Changes in my Mods:



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Now, let's get to the good part then!

This mod adds quite a few of blocks and items, however all of the items only exist to be able to properly craft the blocks!

As a note, the blocks only replace grass, grass blocks, dirt and sand, so make sure no stone, cobblestone, flowers or other blocks are in the way when you construct your when rightclicking your placed block!



Instant Wooden House

 Crafted out of 3 Small Wood Kits in the top and bottom 3 slots and 2 Big Wood Kits in the middle, surrounding 1 Wood House Building Kit.


Big Instant Wooden House


Just surround the Wood House Building Kit entirely with Big Oak Wood Material Kits for this one!



Stone Brick Mansion Ground Level


3 Big Stone Brick Material Kits in top and bottom row, 2 Small Kits in the Center Row with a Stone Brick Mansion Building Kit in the middle! Some of the bricks will randomly be generated as cracked or mossy. Also, don't stand next to or ontop of this block when rightclicking, as there is a lava pillar in the center and you will be trapped and burnt if you do so!



Stone Brick Mansion First Floor Extension


Top Row: Small Kit, Big Kit, Small Kit. After that, in the center row it´s Small Kit, Mansion Building Kit, Small Kit, and the bottom row is all Big Kits. Other than that, same rules and precautions as the ground level apply! To generate this correctly on top of the ground level, replace the green wool block with this block!



Stone Brick Mansion Second Floor Extension


Put three Big Kits in the bottom row and then build a "roof" made out of Small Kits over your Mansion Building Kit in the center. Other than that, same rules and precautions as the ground level apply! To generate this correctly on top of the first floor, replace the green wool block with this block!



Big Stone Brick Building


Big Glass Kit in the middle, Huge Cobblestone Kit below, then surround the rest with Big Brick Kits!



Stone Brick Tower Extension


A row of Big Stone Brick Kits, with a row of Vanilla Oak Logs below! Replace the green wool block on the Stone Brick Building to add this tower to it correctly!





Small Oak Wood Material Kit


Needed to build wooden houses. 9 Wood per Kit.



Big Oak Wood Material Kit


 Also needed for wooden houses. 81 Oak Wood per big kit needed in total. Made by filling the crafting grid with small oak wood kits.



Wood House Building Kit


Also exclusively needed for wooden houses, made out of 6 iron ingots, 2 glass blocks and a coal block in the middle!



Small Stone Brick Material Kit


For building stone brick houses. Crafted by filling the crafting grid  with stone bricks.



Big Stone Brick Material Kit


Like the Oak Material Kits, but out of Stone Bricks. Needed for Stone Brick Houses. Fill the crafting grid with the smaller variant to get this one.



Stone Brick Mansion Building Kit


Needed for the Stone Brick Mansion only! Crafted out of 4 Iron Blocks and a Lava Bucket. You can even keep the bucket! When crafting this, the bucket just empties itself.



Small Cobblestone Material Kit


Needed for the Big Stone Brick Building. Fill the crafting grid with cobblestone.




Big Cobblestone Material Kit


Fill the crafting grid with its smaller variant for this one.



Huge Cobblestone Material Kit


Shapeless recipe - place 2 Big Cobblestone Material Kits anywhere in the grid.



Small Glass Material Kit


Same as all the other small kits - fill the crafting grid with glass blocks.



Big Glass Material Kit


Different to the other big kits! This is a shapeless recipe, requiring only 7 of the small glass kits!


Mod Review/Showcase Videos:

English Video:


German/Deutsches Video:


Custom Houses:


The fileformat and parser really weren't designed to be used by anyone other than me, as a result in my opinion the resulting .bp (Blueprint) Files are rather cryptic and messy looking. If there is an interest I'll explain how it works though! Just drop me a message in that case I guess!